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FLOODS IN BAHIA, BRAZIL, REQUIRE EMERGENCY RELIEF60 villages were under water after storms and two dam bursts. An estimated 20,000 people have been made homeless, and some 430,000 inhabitants have been affected by the storms. Operation Rescue is about to assemble a team to travel to the affected region to provide emergency relief. Firstly, we […]


A new centre and other news from December

Read about our efforts in our various project countries to enable many children to fulfil their dreams. We are dreaming too – that we can expand our work in Mozambique. Discover in our newsletter how realistic this dream is. –> To the newsletter

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Tigray Emergency Response Accomplishment Report

For months we have only heard sporadically from Getachew and his staff, but thanks to his latest report we know that most of the relief supplies have arrived in the region and have made a great difference. Thanks to a rapid and effective campaign, the support of several partner organisations and a well-functioning organisational structure […]

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Tons of food distributed

78’000 displaced people in Mekelle and millions outside still need help. We are distributing food in schools where thousands seek shelter – more food is ready to be distributed outside of Meekelle as soon as humanitarian corridors open. Suppprt our Emergency Relief Campaign for Tigray –>Here

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Message from Adwa

From a staff member of Operation Rescue Adwa In Adwa, things got really difficult from mid-December onwards. Bombs started falling in the town, as well as in the surrounding area, and many people fled. At first, there was no electricity or water. As time went on, it became even harder as banks, shops and food […]

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T-shirts against hunger

Selam, born in Ethiopia and now living in the U.S.: “We launched the “Make Injera Not War” campaign with the intention to raise awareness about the conflicts in Ethiopia. We thought fashion would be a quick way to spread the message. Our merchandise aims to spark meaningful conversation and encourage people to learn more about […]