Christmas in Operation Rescue India

“This year we celebrated Christmas on December 10th. All children have been practicing for the program since the beginning of November. Our teacher Priyanka worked hard to prepare the children for the theatre, choreography and singing of Christmas Carols. Geeta and some kids made a decoration; our cook Rakhi prepared a very nice meal consisting of rice, vegetable dal, chicken curry, Chutney (sweet cucumber) and papad. Almost all our board members were there. Biswanath, one of our board members told the children the Christmas story, other board members encouraged children to learn and hope for a good future. All board members liked the program and they are happy about the achievements of the children. Tapas, our treasurer, ended the program with a prayer. After the program, the kids received a package of snacks containing chips, cookies, juice, chocolate, cakes and other things. As a gift, the kids received a very nice school bag with the logo of Operation Rescue. The kids had a lot of joy.” Amit, Operation Rescue India