For months we have only heard sporadically from Getachew and his staff, but thanks to his latest report we know that most of the relief supplies have arrived in the region and have made a great difference. Thanks to a rapid and effective campaign, the support of several partner organisations and a well-functioning organisational structure in Tigray, we were one of the first relief agencies to be able to address the acute need in the emergency centres for the tens of thousands of people displaced by the war. To give a few numbers: at least

– 1359 severely and moderately malnourished children have received supplementary food

– 420 pregnant and breastfeeding women also

– 1156 families have received food parcels

– 572 families have received financial help to afford overpriced flour

– 1640 children were given food and milk in the emergency centres in Adwa alone

– 467 people who have experienced violence and sexual abuse have received psychological and social support

Hundreds of children who had missed more than a year of school due to the pandemic and the war are now being helped to catch up on the material they missed. This is part of the emergency aid we are providing in view of the extraordinary situation in Ethiopia, while the activities in our day centres continue as far as possible. We would like to ask you to support our work, especially at this moment when it is more necessary than ever, with a generous donation. Thank you very much for your devoted support and we hope you enjoy reading this report.

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