• Wohltätigkeit Entwicklungshilfe Kinderhilfswerk für Strassenkinder und arme Kinder in Indien. Operation Rescue Childcare Project for street children and poor children India

In August 2017 we were able to open the doors of our sixth project centre, in Calcutta. Poverty here is even more evident than in Ethiopia or Brazil, because many families live with their children directly on the streets of this big city. They have neither a roof over their heads, nor adequate facilities for personal hygiene. With our day centre we offer 80 children a clean and safe place where they can eat, take a shower, play and learn. We are doing everything we can so that the children can break this cycle of poverty in the future, so that they can have a life with a secured income off the streets.

The work of our organization is already making an impact even after such a short time, which has surprised the local authorities. They have congratulated us on our work and assured us of their assistance.


In our neighborhood, many families live on the street – poverty is overwhelming. They have neither a roof over their heads nor a place where they can keep their belongings. Often a suspended cord must suffice to store their clothes. We have now registered 120 of these families in the district around our centre. On the day of our inauguration we distributed plastic sheets to them so that they have at least something like a roof over their heads and are protected from rain.

The desire to be represented as Operation Rescue on all continents led Marciano to Kolkata in India. The poverty of many families living directly on the streets is overwhelming. We are happy that in the vicinity of over 100 such families we have been able to open a centre in which they can be helped in many ways.

With the centre in India, Operation Rescue has surpassed the 1000 mark after almost 16 years of work. This number includes orphaned children, children in the day centres, blind pupils and does not include the parents or projects of partner organizations that we look after.


Christina and Marciano Teixeira moved in 1997 to Ethiopia. Marciano was working in a children’s home, while Christina raised their two boys. Marciano saw that poverty among the population was huge and Christina was confronted with the inhuman conditions in which the poorest children had to live. READ MORE