values VISION
To see vulnerable children cared for and empowered trough a community based and holistic approach which uses the best model of a child care program demonstrating charity.

To care for and empower vulnerable children, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential.’


Sustainability – our engagement with local communities is long term, seeking to reduce poverty: We aim to empower the children in our care and also local women to become self-reliant as well as aiming to generate income to develop the work of each project.

Value given to local culture – each project is developed within the context of the local culture and there is local leadership. The children in each project are encouraged to value their own local culture.

Integrity – we aim that in everything we do in our projects and in our fundraising and administration we will be faithful and honest. We will refrain from practices that undermine the moral and ethical integrity of our organisation and our partners.

Accountability – we are accountable to our supporters, to the staff, children, and parents in the projects, government and community partners. We seek to be transparent in all our dealings, especially in the area of finance, providing feedback to our supporters at regular intervals.

Child focussed – our mission is to reach out to vulnerable children and to seek to work in the best interests of the children at all times, empowering them and seeking always to give them dignity.

Stewardship – we trust God for the provision of finances to develop and maintain the projects and seek to manage those resources efficiently and effectively keeping administration costs as low as possible.

Value people – all our beneficiaries as well as our donors and our staff are equally valued and we seek to apply this in practice as we welcome all who are needy regardless of their background or faith and seek to serve all with a servant attitude.

Commitment to the poor – our mission is to reach out to those who are marginalised and in the greatest need in their community.