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Love Made Visible

Love Made Visible is the main sponsor of our Childcare Centre in Adwa, Ethiopia. We are very grateful to have such a powerful partner! http://lovemadevisible.com/
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Better opportunities in the future with English

There is a desperate situation in the schools in Patos in Brazil: After years of mandatory English lessons the children are not even capable of introducing themselves in English. The problem begins with the teachers who themselves have not had…
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Annual Report 2016 now online!

Read the biography of Luan, one of our boys in Brazil and many more interesting reports -->Here
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200 additional children for Operation Rescue Ethiopia!

For two months, we have been registering children who are assigned to us by the Social Affairs - the poorest of the poor. So there will soon be 500 children who are helped in Mekele, the largest project centre of Operation Rescue!