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Tons of food distributed

78'000 displaced people in Mekelle and millions outside still need help. We are distributing food in schools where thousands seek shelter - more food is ready to be distributed outside of Meekelle as soon as humanitarian corridors open. Suppprt…
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Message from Adwa

From a staff member of Operation Rescue Adwa In Adwa, things got really difficult from mid-December onwards. Bombs started falling in the town, as well as in the surrounding area, and many people fled. At first, there was no electricity…
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T-shirts against hunger

Selam, born in Ethiopia and now living in the U.S.: "We launched the “Make Injera Not War” campaign with the intention to raise awareness about the conflicts in Ethiopia. We thought fashion would be a quick way to spread the message. Our…
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Miki also deserves a chance!

Together with compassionate sponsors, Operation rescue is highly involved in interventions to support the most vulnerable children. Miki as one of them is suffering with all body parts paralyzing. He has got medication from some private clinics…
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Our social workers are helping our families also at home!

Read in our latest newsletter how our practical help at the homes of our children works! --> To the newsletter
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More vegetables thanks to hydrophonic system in ORE Mekelle?

The US-Americans Lakyn, Tanner and Wesley from Oklahoma State University came to Ethiopia to set up a so-called hydroponic system, that is growing plants without any soil and in little space. As we know the hydroponic system is new not only…
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200 additional children for Operation Rescue Ethiopia!

For two months, we have been registering children who are assigned to us by the Social Affairs - the poorest of the poor. So there will soon be 500 children who are helped in Mekele, the largest project centre of Operation Rescue!